Our Team

Our Team is comprised of animated, talented, and creative professionals!  Misha Photography started in 2005 by Michele “Misha” McGinley who has made people her profession.  Specializing in Weddings, Special Events, Corporate photography and High School Seniors, our history of photography spans from Families and Children to Product Photography.

Based in Broomfield Colorado at the Metropolitan Regional Airport, Hangar 44 we travel all over the country for our clients.

We are excited to help tell your story!

We believe in……

  • Two People in Love
  • Connection with our clients
  • Photographic Excellence
  • Individuality
  • Dedication to Storytelling
  • Passion in our photography
  • Everything that happens today, happens for a reason

Meet Misha

Opportunity. New blossoms on the trees. Flowers paint the day. Creativity…I am Spring.

Mornings are my favorite. Daybreak brings potential. Light. No secrets. Depth. Perception Balance. The core of my existence.

People. Travel. Walking a city. Learning the culture. My own two feet provide this experience.

I now pronounce you…..my favorite wedding moment.

Meet Joe


Meet Jitka

Nature. Creatures having their young. Blooming Trees. Fragrance. Bursting with life…I am Spring

Morning and Coffee motivates me…

All animals are beautiful but personally I am a dog, cat and rat person.

Cultural. Born in the Czech Republic and moved to London as a teenager.  Travel and exploration is my passion.

Memories. Created by writing and photography,  It’s what drives me; places, people, emotions all created for history.

The vows. Exchanging a glance, a kiss.  Brings tears every time…my favorite wedding moment.

Meet Justin

The smell of leaves. Crisp breezes. Crackling sounds. Holidays approaching. Football…I am Fall

Don’t judge. My Goldendoodle is named Lambeau…I bet you can guess the rest!

Known as the land of mystery. Cold. Pure. Antarctica is my must travel.

Morning creates my day.  Creativity brimming.  I listen and let it guide.

The end of the first dance. Relaxation. Joy.  Party time…..my favorite wedding moment.